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One of the challenges infront of us was, We’ve gotta get rid of the paper With paper menus, every time you update the menu you have to do a major reprint.

It costs a lot of money and takes a long time.also some existing app only provide waiter side system with printer in kitchen but what we did we also provided app in kitchen so now no need to print orders in kitchen and give to the chefs.This system acutally irradicate papers from hotel and helps envoirment to stay clean.


Instant ordering, quick bill view and quick Kitchen pickup speeds up service. improves

accuracy and can turn your tables faster without sacrificing service.


RestoCaptain one-touch order process allow service staff and customers to order items right from the device. This automated ordering process

reduces time and possible delays. This helps your servers be more efficient and your diners enjoy a better service experience. Customers or Servers can pull up their "ongoing" orders to order more items.


Once the order is placed, the order is displayed on the dedicated App in kitchen as well as at billing counter.

This reduces the time it takes for the server to place orders in the kitchen. Reduces printing cost.(Optional)


RestoCaptain allows you to update the items, description, price etc., in minutes.


Paperless ordering system, reduces cost of printing the KOT(optional)

which it nearly saves your handsome amount(Printer+Paper/year),More faster order taking and less time to serve.RestoCaptain helps the business owners to increase their revenues by getting more customers. Quick ordering will help restaurants to serve more customers in less time particularly during busy timings. This will allow restaurants to do more table turns and increase revenues.

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